Single online 

However as I began to think about your post, I began to wonder what evidence you have regarding the nature of these women you disparage if your assertion is true that you haven't had any contact with them.

single online 

Let's teach them that real relationships usually aren't so dazzling.If you're a man caught up in mindlessly repeating one of these dismal stories, the online world lets you do it with a much wider audience.And if you're a woman eagerly in search of love, there are unfortunately a lot of dismal stories on the Internet waiting for you to write the next chapter.Your wife might be engaging in that behavior too - would be interesting to see how you would feel, then subsequently react to the very same behavior that you engaged in.If you truly believe you are "better off remaining married" then best get off the internet and focus your energies into improving yourself and the state of your marriage.

Single online 

It's puzzling that a married man would lie on Craigslist and romance a young woman, knowing he's going to eventually break her heart. It requires a particular kind of mind: You need to be able to think ultra-short-term, and to keep your feelings tightly compartmentalized so long-term considerations don't get in your way. They have to keep the thrills coming, or they feel catastrophically bored.Other men, more paradoxically, seem to have an insatiable need to lose. You would think the obvious answer would be: for sex.But as a sex therapist I can tell you it's often not so straightforward.The stories usually involve early heartbreak—children starved for love and told they're no good by parents who were treated the same way.

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